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End of Internship

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Yesterday was the last day of my internship at Terato Tech, 20 weeks has passed by so quickly. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot of new stuffs, and last but not least, met a lot of interesting people.

I had to leave the project I was working on, and that is a little bit sad, but I hope I can at least tie up some of the loose ends before I stop working on it to move on the next project. There are many things that I wished I had done better, I wish that I actually write a proper framework for  the game instead of just writing a bunch of messy codes, but I hope the code that I wrote won’t cause too much trouble.

So, well, all in all, I enjoyed my internship very much, and I am very grateful for the company for having me. Thank you Terato.


I would have to go back to UTM to wait for my visa to be ready before I go back, so well, we’ll see.

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