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Hello, Pelican

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Well, it has been a while since I posted anything or do anything with my website for that matter. I think I haven’t posted anything since I moved to, but well, its time to start playing again.

So, again, I moved almost everything. Hosting, domain, and also the blogging platform. I have been wanting to try out some of the static site generator for a while now. The most popular one seems to be Jekyll. It is built on Ruby, and seems like a lot of people are using it. Problem is, it is kind of a pain to setup on Windows, and I wanted to be able to built things for it, or at least my own theme for my blog, and my knowledge of Ruby doesn’t go too far beyond the Hello World. So I continued my search, this time, specifically looking for a static site generator built on something that I can program in, maybe it is C#, Javascript, PHP, or of course Python.

And indeed I found quite a lot of awesome projects for Python. The most famous one seems to be Hyde. One problem though, the documentation seems to be severely lacking. I went through the website for almost an hour, and I barely have any idea on how to use and customize it. Maybe I’ll take another look at it when my Python skills have improved.

Then, I found Pelican. It is also written in Python, and it’s documentation is just delightful. It shows you how to get started easily, and also how to customized it as needed. Simply awesome. It is also super easy to setup. There is also a Make configuration file that can be used to automate a bunch of stuffs, but the basic commands are easy enough to use. There is a also a script to import data from other blogging platforms, which maybe I’ll take a look at later.

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