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I Bought a Xperia Sola

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Xperia Sola

Few days ago, I bought a new phone, Sony Xperia Sola. Yes, its an Android phone. The Lumia phones are simply fucked up, no upgrade path to WP8, and the price that for some reason aren’t going down, I simply can’t objectively spend my money on it. In addition, without even any news of when the new Windows Phone 8 are coming out and their price, I don’t think I can wait. This doesn’t mean that I will stop developing for WP, I might buy one for development purpose if they offer a solid phone at a reasonable price when WP8 comes out, but then again, without any news on the new development platform either, it doesn’t mean I will continue developing for WP either.

Well, enough about WP, lets talk about the new phone instead. The reason for me choosing this phone is of course, the price-value ratio. It has a dual-core CPU, SD card slot, NFC, and even a promise of ICS upgrade by Sony. I also considered other options such as HTC One V and Samsung Galaxy S Advance, but after pondering about all kinds of stuff, I decided that the Xperia Sola is the best option after all. Now I can play with Android without dealing with the PITA emulator that is included with the SDK. The screen is pretty bright and clear, and the loudspeaker are also pretty loud. It also came with 4 NFC tags that I can play with.

Using Android is pretty fun. Most of the essential apps out there are available for Android, and I can almost do most things that I do on a PC with my phone. I installed several reading apps, such as Aldiko, Flipboard, and several others. The email client is also pretty awesome. Other than that, I still need to get used to the on-screen keyboard, but I think it will be manageable. Although it seems like the power of Android is also its weak points, in less than a day of using the phone, I had several apps crash and freezes for no reason, only cause I can think of is because the many process it is running at once, which also causes the battery life to be quite short.


Well, that’s all for now, I am looking forward to discovering more of this phone.

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