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Made Another Design For the Blog

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Recently I have been spending my time messing around with website front-end development. Probably because of I have been trying to write a Pelican theme for my own website. For My own use, I wanted the website to have a landing page, and also another design for the blog index. I made another attempt at the design recently. Here is the landing page:

Screenshot (69)

and here is the blog index:

Screenshot (70)

I also managed to made the design responsive. Kind of. I just made the sidebar go to the top of the page when the window is resized to below 800 pixels of width.

Snap 2013-04-10 at 12.49.21

The design itself is currently still a static HTML page that I made on top of the pretty cool HTML5 Bootstrap. For some reason I got a feeling that I am not using it to its full potential, as I don’t really utilizes anything from it beyond the basic page structure and the included normalize.css. Obviously I am doing something wrong. One thing that I notice in the main CSS file is this line:

@media only screen and (min-width: 35em) { }

I knew about the media query and used it before, but I used to use it with the max-width instead. So, the idea here is to design for the mobile version first, then make the necessary changes for the larger screen. I have heard about this mobile-first approach a lot before, and I am aware of the arguements for and against it, but I never really gave it any thought, mostly because I am not doing any serious front-end stuff anyway, but I am thinking of trying this approach for my next try on web design.

I am also planning to play around more with front-end development. The past few days trying to make the HTML page to look exactly how I want it to look like made me realize that I don’t really know much about front-end development. Most of the time, web-development for me consists of dealing with generating HTML page from the server and maybe make a Javascript function to make a server call to change the page dynamically, but I never really go deep into HTML and CSS itself. Looking into more than tools and frameworks that I can use to make the job easier.

Anyway, as mentioned before, the designs above are still in a static HTML form, and I think it is good enough for me to use. Maybe I’ll turn it into a proper Pelican theme soon.

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