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My First Android Application

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Ok, I think I mentioned that I (with a partner in my group) am developing an Android application for a class assignment, and here it is, its finished, but not a really usable apps though.

It’s a app to encrypt SMS before sending it. It uses an asymmetric encryption algorithm, RSA, meaning that the key exchange needs to be done before sending any encrypted message. The encryption and decryption can only be done within the apps itself.


The development process aren’t very intuitive IMO, the emulator are just plain unusable, and eclipse integration just didn’t feel ‘native’. Switching between code view and design view takes several seconds to load, but then, maybe that’s just my laptop. The main programming language used is Java, so there isn’t too much problem there, but I am not really used to the UI markup system, maybe I need more experience to get into it. Still, the biggest problem is the emulator, honestly, during the development process, whenever I did some change, I always feel reluctant to test it, because everything is just so slow. I don’t have any plan yet, but maybe I will look more into this sometime in the future.

Well, as mentioned before, its not a really usable app, I don’t really understand the RSA algorithm, and I don’t put any effort in making the interface good looking either. But then, whatever,

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