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My First GitHub Pull Request!

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I just had my first pull request! It was a change to the Pelican themes, where I added this theme to the directory there. So, yeah, I didn’t actually contribute a patch to an existing project, it was simply adding my repo to the list of theme.

I also learned about the whole pull request process itself. Of course, it is not that complicated in the first place anyway. Basically it involves forking the source repo, create a new branch, make changes on that branch, commit, push to github, and then after the new branch is created on github, there will be an option to initiate a pull request there. It is that simple.

I actually drafted this post around a week ago when I sent the pull request, and it just got merged to the master branch earlier today, so here I am updating this thing.

But, anyway, I got to say, it feels pretty good! and it is also quite a motivation booster for me. :D

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