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New Site Design!

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I finally got to converting the last site design I made to a Pelican theme. The theme should be in use by the time this post is published. In its current state, I wouldn’t say the theme is compeletely finished. I tried to make it responsive to screen size changes, but during my testing, I found some problem viewing it in iOS Safari when there is a long line of continuos text in the page. For some reason overflow-wrap: break-word; doesn’t seem to work in it, even though it works fine in Chrome and Firefox for Android.

That aside, the are also a lot of repetition and duplicate codes in the CSS and Jinja2 template. The templates in particular aren’t very flexible. There are a number of values that needs to be specified in the configuration file for it to be usable. Pages also can’t be listed the normal way since I turned one of the page template into the index page for my site.

All that said, I think it is ready to be put out there. If I sit on it any longer, I am pretty sure I would lose interest in it pretty soon. As they say, ship early, ship often. Maybe this shouldn’t even be a version 1, but it is a start.

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