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Phonegap in Visual Studio – There is no script engine for file extension ‘.js’

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As I recently reinstalled my Windows system, I had to re-install almost every programs I usually use again, one of them is the Visual Studio, and since I have been messing around with Phonegap these days, I had to set it up again. I did what I did before, copying the project template zip file to my templates folder, and I tried to create a new Phonegap project, but when I try to build it, Visual Studio gives me an error saying : “There is no script engine for file extension .js”.

This is pretty weird, since I set it up the same way last time, and it works perfectly, so I did a bit of internet search, some other people are having the same problem as well, and most of them suggested the fix here. I tried it, but it doesn’t work for me, further search leads me to this page, and this is the solution that worked for me. I changed the file association for .js files back to the Microsoft Window Based Script host ( it was associated with notepad++ before), and I tried to compile it again, and everything is good again.

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