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Starting from this month, I have been officially in my current job for 6 months, which also means I just got out of the probation period for the company. During the past 6 months, I have been doing a bunch of various things, and also learned a lot of stuffs that I have never really thought about.

Anyway, the main reason I am writing this post right now is simple: I am procrastinating. I have several conference videos that I wanted to watch, and also several libraries and frameworks that I want to try out, but for some reason, my mind keeps drifting away. This week, three developers I work with left the company, one of which is the person who mentored me during my internship with them. I have known about the departure a few weeks prior, and I didn’t actually thought about it much, but it turns out, the departure of these colleagues does affect me quite a bit. I thought I am used to changes, but it seems like I’m not. It made me think about stuffs. Stuffs that are hard to put in writing, stuffs that are uncomfortable to think about.

Anyway, most of my work now revolves around the back end, I had to learn a bunch of stuffs on server administration, distributed architecture, and I also ended up using the Laravel PHP framework a lot. Which is actually very fun and exciting, until something blows up and data are lost, that is. Anyway, all that stuffs that I learned during the period makes for a lot of materials that I wanted to write up, but for various reasons (mainly me being lazy), I never ended up getting to it. While using the static site generator is excellent in terms of simplicity, it also meant that I have to open up my text editor and generate a new site even just to post a short draft. I considered migrating my site to Ghost, but having to manage a server pushed me sticking with Pelican. What I do now is to write my drafts in Evernote, and then paste them here when it is ready, which isn’t exactly a seamless process considering Evernote’s lacking support for Markdown. That being said, I do hope it would help me to write more.

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