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Online Betting on Horse Racing in Australia with BetDeluxe

Even though BetDeluxe is a new operator in the Australian market, it’s focused on serious players in sports and horse racing. The company offers high-quality service and highly profitable and competitive products among other international online betting companies.

Online Horse Racing with BetDeluxe

The website focuses on the races of the Victorian era and South Australia. The reason for that is the total fascination of BetDeluxe leader Noah Rose with Victorian-style horse racing. He knows all the tracks and the best horses of our time. It allowed the company to expand its sphere of influence both at home and far beyond its borders.

Online betting in Australia is one of the residents’ hobbies, which has recently become widespread. Now you can bet on the tote without leaving home. No need to look for a racetrack – just click on the live view button, and all the tournaments are in front of you!

Other bookmakers like Sportsbet and TAB also offer to bet on horse racing, but our operator BetDeluxe is defo beyond comparison. The platform has an incredible number of tournaments and competitions on the best tracks with the participation of the most famous racehorses.

Since high odds accompany each race, each player can get the maximum possible profit in a short time. Horse racing is a very spectacular sport; it is loved all over the planet; people play on the tote and win millions of dollars.

Features of horse racing betting

Horse racing in Australia

The horse racing betting market is somewhat different from classic sports betting. Here you can place a bet with fixed odds, put your best price, set an average totalizator, determine the winner or prize-winner in the race and individual races.

As a rule, your result is based on the total number of participants in the race, the jockey’s experience and the horse’s skills.

The most popular are the Australian national horse racing and greyhound racing competitions. The international tournament between Australia and New Zealand is significant for this region. All bids are usually accompanied by multi-bets and promotions.

Everyone knows that a modern bookmaker is like a former tote at a racetrack. It only seems at first glance that horse racing is a simple choice: bet on a horse and wait for him to win.

The creator of BetDeluxe has done everything possible to expand the range of betting on horse racing in an online format by providing a new generation platform from BetMakers Technology Group.

On the website, you can find all information about racing bets. Also, you can monitor the current situation by several price codes and a wide range of coefficients.  Horse racing betting includes:

  • BDF – the fixed price at the time of placing the bet between the player and the bookmaker;
  • TF – the best price, given by the agency, taking into account fluctuations in coefficients;
  • BOB – the maximum possible difference according to the estimates of all bookmakers offering bets on horse racing;
  • BT + – the starting price or the best of all TAB dividends;
  • MID – guaranteed payments for three average TAB dividends.

To orient serious players to participate in horse races with BetDeluxe, the service provides popular, niche and exotic markets.

We should add that some operators are limited only to popular horse racing, while our operator offers greyhound and harness racing markets on the international arena and national level. Let’s look at this topic in more detail:

  • The most popular bet in racing is Win – the choice of the winner of one race or the race as a whole. We choose a horse and bet on its victory. You can make the opposite bet on an outsider horse.
  • It’s hard to guess the winner, but you can increase this chance with the SHOW bet. At the end of the race, your bet should be in the top 3.
  • If there are more than three rounds in the race, you can choose the Place bet by selecting one horse who, in your opinion, will take the prize in all three races.
  • The forecast is the type of bet when the player needs to guess which of the presented horses will come to the finish line first in this race.
  • If there are a lot of horses, you can make a Tricast bet and choose three horses that can be the leaders of the races.

To understand how the tote works, thoroughly study horse racing, learn everything about horse behaviour. Your victory will directly depend on its physical condition and age.

Before you place a bet, find out about the distance of the race. Is it short or long? Will there be a break between rounds? What is the jockey’s weight? Usually, people make bets on horse races right before they start since the bookmaker can increase the odds a few hours before the start of the competition. Since the number of bets indicates the demand of the competition, it also increases quotations. Even weather conditions influence the quotations since the favourite may lose to an outsider.

Types of horse racing bets available in BetDeluxe

In BetDeluxe, you can place the following types of bets on horse racing: Win, Place, Each way, Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, First4, Quadrella/Quaddie, Mulits.

Horse Racing betting bonuses from BetDeluxe

Bonuses and various promotions accompany each race. The operator has special offers for some types of races that need to be supported by user activity.

Most often, the bookmaker offers a money-back up to $50. A player can receive compensation if they bet on the winner, and the horse came second. The offer applies to all types of races in Victoria and South Australia. The operator will pay you up to $2,500 if your choice went past the post and then got demoted due to a protest.

Horse racing betting bonuses are great for those players who bet large sums and can lose everything at horse and dog races.

How to bet on horse racing in BetDeluxe

BetDeluxe horse racing

Hundreds of tournaments are held on racetracks around the world every day. Since you can get instant results and stable income, many bettors make their fortune at horse races. To make money with betting, study the information, know the terminology and types of bets, know how to use strategy competently, analyze the race map, consider all risk factors. If you’re ready, we’ll teach you how to bet on horse racing online on our BetDeluxe resource.

Here’s a step-by-step guide designed to place a standard bet in horse or dog racing:

  1. Log in to your account on the BetDeluxe website by selecting the market from the quick bets menu on the left side of the home page.
  2. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the galloping horse icon and the “Horse Racing” title under it. Click on the button.
  3. You can also click on the Racing “Next To Jump” label in the left corner of the main page.
  4. On the “Race Summary” page, check out the schedule of upcoming competitions. The time before the start of each tournament will be displayed next to the race name.
  5. Select the desired race. National competitions and New Zealand horse races will be located in the left column, and all international tournaments – in the right. Scrolling down the page, you will see the same scheme for greyhound racing and harness racing.
  6. After choosing a tournament, you get to the offers market with all available bet types and prices located in the centre of the screen.
  7. Choose your horse by clicking next to its name on the coefficient located in the column on the right. You can choose a fixed chance or one of the functions of the Tote Price.
  8. After clicking on the coefficient, the coupon will immediately appear in your game coupon. Write down the amount of the bet and click “Place a bet”. After that, the bet amount will be debited from the deposit, and your coupon will automatically become a gaming one.

Some tips for betting on horse racing

To win at the races, you need to have a little luck and a lot of experience in betting at the racetrack. If you have a desire to win a bet with a bookmaker, you must do some serious analytical work on making forecasts, where you need to take into account some factors:

  • Weather conditions;
  • Speed characteristics of the route;
  • The difficulty of the route;
  • Jockey’s skill;
  • The experience of the horse and its age.

If we talk about an in-depth analysis, then, ideally, you should also check out these factors:

  • Whether the horse has recovered after the last competitions,
  • Evaluate the jockey’s experience,
  • View information about past races,
  • On which tracks the horse has already won and whether this track will be more or less difficult for him.

For a bet, you need to consider factors such as the physical injuries of the animal, whether the horse fell on the barriers, how often it does not finish the distance.

Even such a nuance as the gender of an animal plays a crucial role. It is known that stallions are twice as hardy as mares. So in 90% of cases, it is the males who win.

To analyze the situation as a whole, evaluate the quality of the soil and weather conditions. If the horse gets stuck in the mud, its endurance decreases sharply, so the steed may simply leave the race. Precipitation often spoils mid-level routes.

Pay attention even to such a fact as a change of jockey. It may indicate the futility of this stallion or the lack of professionalism of the jockey. In any case, when the jockey changes, it shows the instability of the situation as a whole.

Now, online betting on horse racing in Australia is so popular that it surpasses sports disciplines, including the favourite Aussie football. It’s not a surprise since, at the races, the winnings can reach up to $100,000 per game!

Now you can track the movement of horses around the world. If a horse has just taken part in a race in England, and a week later it performs in Australia, it is unlikely that such a sharp climate change will benefit the animal. There are periods of acclimatization and adaptation.

You can see important information in the past races, view interesting moments on the race maps. You should always have brief info about each horse at hand. If you are interested in this spectacular sport, you should arm yourself with good theoretical preparation.

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