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Online Sports Betting in Australia with BetDeluxe

In 2020, BetDeluxe, an online platform created by the Victorian bookmaker Noah Rose, was launched in Australia. The operator both brought new knowledge in the sports racing field and focused on popular sports for serious gamblers. The Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation licensed the company’s activities.

Online Sports Betting with BetDeluxe

With the BetMakers technology group, BetDeluxe Agency has created an excellent online platform that meets modern requirements.

Pursuing a policy of fair and safe play, the bookmaker offers:

  • More than 15 sports;
  • Multi-server with the same games;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Fast and proper service in English;
  • A functional mobile app.

You can find from 10 to 30 betting options in the pre-match market. The service provides online sports betting on football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, boxing, tennis, ice hockey, American football.

BetDeluxe Australia is a company operating in the local market that is safe for users and has priority among other international bookmakers.

The operator has just started its development in the sports market. It offers to bet on the most popular leagues: NFL, AFL, NBA, NRL, NBL, NHL, English Premier League, UEFA, Champions League, etc.

The bookmaker continues to increase its share in the Australian sports sector, competing with operators such as Sportsbet and TAB, which previously were monopolists in our country’s market.

What sports can you bet on in BetDeluxe

Sports betting

The bookmaker represents the most popular disciplines known to all sports fans. Among them:

  • American Football;
  • Basketball;
  • Boxing;
  • Cricket;
  • Darts;
  • Football;
  • Golf;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Rugby Union;
  • Tennis.

The service has good coverage of international football competitions – more than 30 betting options on the Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL market.

Both amateurs and professionals will always find decent sports betting on tennis, baseball, darts, ice hockey or basketball. The operator paid proper attention to the national championships in Aussie football, cricket and baseball. BetDeluxe coefficients are average and above. They vary from the significance of the event and the number of bets the gamblers made. Using the multi-server option, you can improve your score in the game!

Betting on popular tournaments and leagues in Australia and the world

Sports Betting in Australia

The development of sports in Straya is of paramount importance. Everyone on the continent is familiar with the rules of Aussie football and knows how to play cricket and baseball. BetDeluxe bookmaker considered the interest in various sports disciplines and included the most popular championships and leagues in Australia and the world in general in the list.

Online sports betting in Australia is represented by:

  • NFL – the national football League with maximum coverage of all the tournament’s matches. The seasons are regular, although short-term, lasting 17 weeks. The teams play to win and advance to the finals. Every year, in the first days of February, there’s the final matches of American football. The most popular bets are on favourites, as the team with lower odds wins 70% of the time. You can also make handicap bets, over/under total bets and exact score bets.
  • NRL – National Rugby League. It is probably the largest Championship in Australia, which, according to the rules, has some differences from Rugby Union. It’s all about the entertainment of Aussie rugby, its popularity in our country and its duration. NRL looks dynamic, so you need to bet on tactics and various combinations. Australian Rugby League is easy to analyze, which is one of the components of successful betting. Media fully covers the League; many wealthy residents of our country place very high bets on the NRL.
  • NBL is the national basketball League of Australia and Asia. It is the highest level in professional sports. It includes nine of the strongest teams – one from New Zealand and eight from Australia. Interestingly, only 1-2 legionnaires are from other countries; the rest must be residents or obtain Australian citizenship. Since 2010, the games have been reborn, new lineups have been formed, and now fans can watch 2-3 games a week on the One HD channel.
  • NHL – National Hockey League. In terms of coverage on the website, it is second after the football Championships. The volume of bets per season can reach $2,000,000. The NHL unites the professional hockey clubs of the USA and Canada. These are the strongest athletes on our planet. In the current 2021/2022 season, 32 teams will compete for the main trophy – Stanley Cup. Hockey Association matches meet all the requirements of betting: regular competitions, each meeting is accompanied by excellent odds. The analytical service works smoothly, so there are practically no valuations in the games.
  • The NBA is the Men’s Basketball League of North America. It’s the seasonal games in which the top 30 teams take part. Betting on basketball is different from other sports. All games are held in intensive mode – every other day or every day. For those who constantly bet on the NBA, such tactics are a significant plus since you can get more up-to-date information about the condition of athletes, about the preparation of the team as a whole. You can guess the result in 55-60% of cases.
  • AFL is an Australian Football League. Such a game have been popular in our country since the mid-19th century. It includes an element of rugby, European and American football. The tournament has 22 games of 20 minutes in each quarter. The competitions are spectacular and dynamic. At first, 18 teams are fighting for the playoffs, and then the top 8 are fighting for the title of Champion. Sports betting in Australia is highly represented. On the BetDeluxe website, you will find bets on the result of the quarter and the first half of the tournament. Also, the outcomes of the time/match, the race to a certain score, totals, individual statistics for each athlete.
  • The English Premier League attracts the maximum number of fans from all over the world. England is the birthplace of football. Therefore, the professional game begins from here. The 20 strongest teams compete in the EPL. Each club has to play 38 matches, and only 4 teams will enter the Champions League. Among the offered betting options you will find: the top scorer, the number of scored goals, the tournament’s winner, who scores the first goal. Each bid has a high calculation of quotes. Knowing how a particular team works, you can bet on handicap and total, even/odd, on the winner of both halves, on the outcome of each half, on the result of each half, etc.
  • The UEFA Champions League is a European club football tournament. In the current 2021/2022 season, there are 54 countries with 79 clubs. According to the tournament’s rules, countries delegate a certain number of teams. This number depends on winning the past Championship. For example, the countries that occupy the first 4 lines in the UEFA Champions League ranking send four of their teams. Those on the 5th and 6th lines in the League are allowed to compete with three teams, etc. The games are held dynamically, in three stages. The first is the qualification, the second is the group stage, and the third is the playoffs. The peculiarity of these tournaments is their high profitability, excellent coefficients, and that the favourites win most often. Currently, England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain have the maximum number of victories.

Types of sports betting on BetDeluxe

Types of sports betting are the basic knowledge that a player must acquire before starting betting with a bookmaker. BetDeluxe offers the most popular types of bets:

  • Betting on the outcome. This type of betting has three options: the home team’s victory, the visiting team’s victory or a draw.
  • Double chance bet. It has two positive results. For example, you can bet on the home team’s victory and a draw or the second team’s victory and a draw.
  • Totals – bet on over/under. This type of bet considers the number of goals or pucks scored, yellow cards, corner kicks, etc. For example, if the total is 2.5, it means that the team you’re betting on must score more than three goals for your bet to win.
  • Parlay is a betting strategy that allows you to double your winnings. After each win, you need to add the number of winnings to the initial amount.
  • Handicap is a type of bet where the goals’ number will be added to the final result of the athlete or team. For example, when T1 and T2 meet with +1.5 odd, the player bets no more than one goal on the loss of the second team with a handicap.
  • Combined bets. This type of bet involves betting on several outcomes within the same tournament. For example, a player bets on the home team’s victory and determines the exact score of the game. These are some of the combinations: both teams will score + individual total, win + total, draw + total, etc. BetDeluxe offers interesting betting combinations and increased odds.
  • Bets on statistics accompany all world championships and Championships. In our agency’s sports market, you will find such options as percentage possession of the ball, the number of fouls, goals, red cards, offsides, etc. In hockey, you can track the statistics of the game day. In tennis, you can bet on double faults and aces.

BetDeluxe’s sports market is constantly growing, the number of betting options is increasing. We hope that next year the operator will add new interesting offers.

How to bet on sports on BetDeluxe

Bet on Sports on BetDeluxeEvery registered BetDeluxe customer can make a deposit and start betting. You can quickly find your way around the sports betting market. The panel with sports arranged in alphabetical order is on the left of the main page.

After selecting the desired discipline, you’ll find a list of available championships. You will not miss it, as it is in the very centre of the screen: football, tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket, boxing, ice hockey and American football include about 20-30 varieties of the most popular tournaments. For example, you can choose the basketball Super League of Russia, the Turkish League, the National League of Australia, the NBA, etc.

Betting on sports online is simple: click on the tournament you need and go to the market.

Select the desired match by clicking on it with the mouse. Next to the match’s name, you’ll find the information on when the tournament starts in local time.

Next, you should choose a team and agree with the bookmaker’s odds.

The coupon instantly appears in your account. A window with full information statistics will be displayed in the right corner of the screen.

In your account, specify the bet’s amount and click the “Place a bet” button. After this, your bet will be fixed, and the funds will be debited from the account as payment.

Some tips for sports betting

Everyone knows that, with a winning bet, the player receives the bet amount multiplied by the coefficient. This coefficient, however, may vary. The quote directly depends on the number of bets on a particular event, reducing or increasing the probability of winning. The coefficient is the price of the offer and, if the player didn’t calculate correctly, it serves as a direct cause of loss.

How to bet on sports and be successful? First of all, you need to understand the sports discipline, thoroughly study the technique of the team’s game. At first, rely on the analytics of professional bettors and the bookmaker itself.

  1. Think of the game as a hobby that brings both profits and deadset pleasure from the process itself. It will minimize the risk of losing a large amount in case of incorrect forecasting.
  2. Collect as much information as possible about the past matches of your favourite team, constantly monitor the results of various meetings with its participation. You can believe in your team and lose. In sports, the most important thing is a calculation based on up-to-date information about the health of athletes, motivation, optimal lineup, etc.
  3. Control your bankroll. Bet only the amount that you can afford to lose. From experience, we can say that a big win is always followed by failure. You do not need to recoup right after a series of failures. It’s better to take a break and analyze everything again. You can risk only 15% of the total bankroll amount.
  4. Decide on the type of bets. You need to understand the main varieties that the bookmaker offers. Online sports betting can include totals, odds, handicaps, statistics, outcomes, combined options, etc. If you are a beginner, choose a simple strategy in individual betting. It will give you small winnings and allow you to get an invaluable gaming experience. After acquiring the skill, you can use strategies and more profitable bets.
  5. If you have chosen the bookmaker, study all the sports it offers with a list of sports events. Calculate the margin included in the coefficient for the competitions that interest you. Periodically evaluate the game’s profitability, avoiding low odds at the level of 1.1-1.3, remembering that you have your betting strategy, your calculation and your own experience.
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